Daniela Boneva - DABG

Daniela Boneva is a Dyslexia Facilitator since 2005; founder of Dyslexia Association – Bulgaria; has a Master Degree on Electronics and in English Philology. Has long experience working with children and young people, at first as a Youth programs coordinator in the Youth Department of the Municipality, later as an English language teacher in secondary and high schools. Have worked for many years for regional media as editor. Mrs Boneva is an author of many Bulgarian resources and has adapted for Bulgarian public different materials /Brochures, Guides, Articles, etc./; has organized and led many seminars and workshops for teachers, specialists and parents in different places in Bulgaria; has taken part in many national and international dyslexia related conferences, seminars and workshops in different European countries. As a dyslexia facilitator Mrs Boneva has been working since 2005 individually with children and young people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties; has been giving consultations to their parents and teachers/tutors. Daniela has experience of many dyslexia related EU projects /being a coordinator in some of them/, and is widely acknowledged as a dyslexia expert in Bulgaria.